The founders, Robert Evans and Andrew Bugsby, both hold a passion for strategic marketing and creative problem solving. Their combined skills, along with their team, have not only won numerous awards, but they consistently achieve real results that positively affect their client’s bottom line and brand strength.

Robert Evans

- Founder


Robert Evans originally hails from Atlanta but is often mistaken for a Californian. A born story-teller and “hand talker,” he is never short a good story or two, and if you get him started you’d best grab a seat because it might take a while.After his formative years in Georgia, Robert migrated south to St. Augustine and attended Flagler College where he studied graphic design and majored in surfing. After college and an enlightening year-long tour around the globe, he settled in Atlanta to pursue his career as a graphic designer. With more than 15 years of award-winning work under his belt, in 2012 he joined with Andrew Bugsby to establish HEYDAY as the go-to source for branding and creative problem solving. When he’s not working, he spends time with his wife and daughter, surfs, fills up hard drives with his photography and rips around on his chopped Harley.

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Useless but illuminating trivia:

  • Robert took a perfectly good (well, it wasn’t running, but other than that it was perfect) 1977 Harley-Davidson motorcycle, tore it completely apart and rebuilt it into a classic “chopper.” He claims not to be a mechanic, but apparently is a motorcycle savant.
  • He self-published a book of photographs … of motorcycles.
  • He enjoys interesting factoids, so much so that when he got his first iPhone he was constantly checking the facts in his friends’ stories, which is why to this day they call his iPhone the “nerdulator.”
  • He’s inadvertently a part-time hand model, his hands having appeared in numerous clients’ TV spots. He has two, both equally talented.

Andy Bugsby

- Founder


Andy Bugsby was born and raised in the Mitten State (that’s Michigan for you non-Michiganders), about 45 minutes northwest of Detroit. A love of and talent for art and drawing led Andy to try his hand at design as a youngster, creating logos and graphics. Folks seemed to notice his work, so he studied design during high school and eventually enrolled at the International Academy of Design in Detroit. It was there that he found his calling as a graphic designer and knack for art direction.

Andy later landed a spot at one of Detroit’s biggest ad agencies, BBDO Detroit, where he learned the inner workings of an agency while honing his design and art skills.

Michigan is a great place to be from, but the winters are rough, so Andy traded his snow boots for flip flops and moved to south Florida. That’s where he joined forces with Robert Evans to create award-winning design work. Together they fed and emboldened each other’s creative genius and entrepreneurial spirit, and in 2012 made it official by forming HEYDAY. The rest will be history!

Useless but illuminating trivia:

  • Andy is frequently seen pointing to his hand (to show where he was born in Michigan), and often attracts fellow Michiganders who will do the same thing back. Mitten Pride!
  • Andy loves a good road-trip. He has been to 36 of the 50 states by car. He has big plans for his road trip to Hawaii.
  • Andy has a freakishly good memory for TV and radio jingles. Name a product and stand back.
  • He has written screenplays and books based on his dreams. He directed and co-edited a 45-minute film when he was 20 years old.