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Jason Myers is Fresh from Florida

April 21, 2015

We’ve known local photographer, Jason Myers for a few years now, and can attest to his talented eye for a good shot. So, when he came to us with the news of his move to Nashville, and the need for a self-promo to rule all self-promos, we knew what needed to be done. Jason is a native Floridian (a rare breed these days), so we decided to play off the Sunshine State’s greatest asset, Florida oranges…

Here’s an excerpt from Delaney Dobson of Wonderful Machine

“He explained that he recently re-located to Nashville from West Palm Beach, Florida to put himself closer to a broader base for regional and national clients. ‘This is a big move for me so I wanted to announce it as loudly, creatively and as targeted as I could’ Myers tells us via email. He regularly sends out 100 direct mailer cards, but only made 50 of the Fresh promos, sending most of them to regional clients (ad agencies, music labels, magazines) within traveling distance of Nashville. One of the smartest items in the Fresh package is a 21″ wide fold-out map highlighting cities in Myers’ range, with a handy guide showing the distance vs. hours in a car or plane. ‘My focus is to let clients know I’m closer than they think’”


Jason says, “I’m sending 50 out to regional agencies/brands and magazines etc. Big step for me but I believe in marketing myself as much as I can. It’s a package “Fresh from Florida” to introduce me to the region. Includes Florida oranges, tervis tumbler, orange juicer, Florida honey, 15 prints with the stories behind them on the reverse and a custom map showing my travel times to relevant markets. Additionally, I made a 2min video introducing myself, why I’m moving and showcasing a bit of my personality.”