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A “Magical” Brand Experience

March 19, 2013

Over the weekend I went to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for the first time in nearly a decade. Being a Florida resident and having friends and family that intend to go over the next couple of months, I decided to snatch up the current deal they’re offering. The price is pretty unbelievable. I tell you that, because I’m not a huge fan of things that are Disney and wouldn’t normally go if I had to pay full ticket price. I mostly view Disney as this huge corporate money-making monster that makes decent films based off of old attractions. (Side note, my fingers are crossed for a few good Star Wars movies in the future!) Opinions aside, you can’t deny that Disney is one of the world’s more recognizable brands. They also do a pretty good job at maintaining it. When we see a Disney film today we expect a higher level of quality and entertainment. When shelling out the dough to visit one of their theme parks and resorts, we expect to experience “the happiest place on earth.” That’s a major promise to make, and it takes a huge amount of consistency, attention to detail, money and hard work to maintain that. My recent experience at the Magic Kingdom was much better than expected, even with huge crowds and over-priced food. I was impressed with the level of dedication the employees, or “cast members” take to keep everyone moving along and happy. You can tell that everyone is on the same page. And… not to forget how super clean the park was! I recently read that Walt Disney made sure that you’re never 30 steps from a trash receptacle… and man are those things clean! You know how you hate touching that flap on the side of public trash cans because it’s usually covered in junk and looks disgusting? Not in Disney World. Those things are spit-polished! Disney has mastered the “magical” experience that we’ve been promised. If something goes amiss, they always have a plan to make it right. A visit to Disney property seldom makes you wish for more of something, you simply bask in what’s provided. That is because Disney doesn’t do anything by accident. Like them or hate them, it’s all masterfully thought out. Now, think about your brand. Personal or professional… and think about the things you’re good at and enjoy doing. Do those again and again and ditch the things that aren’t working or getting noticed. Once you start doing that and mastering your intention, someone just may be inclined to write a blog post about your brand experience. 😉

If that wasn’t fun enough to read, then scroll down for some photos from my visit to the Magic Kingdom. Enjoy!