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2013 ADDY Awards

March 8, 2013

Over the years, we’ve won our fair share of ADDYs for the projects and campaigns we’ve designed. In our line of work, an ADDY award is a fairly prestigious thing to win. Judged often by our peers, it’s always an honor to win an award because another designer appreciates your work. ¬†Each year, once the judging has concluded, everyone who entered into the competition can attend the ADDY Awards Party. Folks from other local ad agencies get together and… well… enjoy the evening and refreshments. It’s a rare opportunity to meet and chat with your completion in an environment where everyone is on a level playing field. That is, because entries aren’t pitted against each other, but judged independently on their own merit.

Our intention at HEYDAY isn’t to win awards, it’s to create an exceptional “brand experience.” It just so happens that when we do that, we win awards.

We would also like to congratulate our clients, Pond Boss and Hass Plastic Surgery & Medi Spa for their wins! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to create award-winning work!


2013 ADDY wins:

Pond Boss catalog

Hass Plastic Surgery & Medi-Spa animated airport ads (2 Categories)

Evans – Patrick wedding invitation


HEYDAY t-shirt

HEYDAY stationary package

HEYDAY sticker

HEYDAY “Holiday Punch” (self-promotion)

HEYDAY announcement package (self-promotion)


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