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For us here at HEYDAY, the good life is all about remarkable experiences – seeking them, creating them, seizing them, sharing them. And our goal is to make every brand experience we create for you a remarkable one.

HEYDAY was born out of the desire to do this for every one of our clients. We use outstanding design, unbridled creativity and more than 20 years of combined, award-winning knowledge to help brands stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace … a marketplace where products and services may be basically the same, and the only thing that differentiates them is the way your potential and existing customer experiences your brand.

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"Good branding starts with an open and honest discussion about why you’re in business..."

The Process

Visual Presence

Good branding starts with an open and honest discussion about why you’re in business. Then we do an examination of every single way your business, its services or products, and the customer’s experience of them are viewed and delivered. Everything you do, everything you say, every impression you make — they all combine to form the cumulative expression of your brand. Our process gets to the root of your company’s story, so we can work with you to fine-tune your message and image to tell that story so it resonates with your target market.

HEYDAY empowers your brand with the lasting impression that will make you stand out among the competition, generate a stronger following, and ultimately, improve your bottom line. We know our stuff, we’re good at what we do, and we thrive on watching you succeed.

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HD portfolio 1000_AVEM_1
  • HD portfolio 1000_AVEM_1
  • HD portfolio 1000_AVEM_2
  • HD portfolio 1000_AVEM_3
  • HD portfolio 1000_AVEM_5
  • HD portfolio 1000_AVEM_4
  • HD portfolio 1000_AVEM_6
  • HD portfolio 1000_AVEM_7
  • HD portfolio 1000_AVEM_8

AVEM: Total Rebrand – Logo, Brochure, Cards, Notepads, Website, T-shirts and More.

Christmas Punch
  • ChristamsPunch1
  • ChristamsPunch3
  • ChristamsPunch5
  • ChristamsPunch6
  • ChristamsPunch2
  • ChristamsPunch4

Christmas Punch: Our 2012 Christmas gift was secretly crafted by a couple of backwoods good ol’ boys. Pure “White Lightnin”

HD portfolio 1000_am_2
Art Miami
  • HD portfolio 1000_am_2
  • HD portfolio 1000_am_7
  • HD portfolio 1000_am_6
  • HD portfolio 1000_am_5
  • HD portfolio 1000_am_4
  • HD portfolio 1000_am_3
  • HD portfolio 1000_am_1

Art Miami: Catalog, Invitations, VIP cards, Maps and more. A comprehensive package that included the catalog, invitations, VIP cards, maps, print ads, pole banners, web ads and much more.

  • HASS_5
  • HASS_4
  • HASS_3
  • HASS_1
  • HASS_2

Hass Plastic Surgery & Medisap: Advertising campaign.

  • AMC_2
  • AMC_1

Anderson Moore Construction: Trade publication ad.

HD portfolio 1000_Ayni_1
Ayni Logo & Brochure
  • HD portfolio 1000_Ayni_1
  • HD portfolio 1000_Ayni_3
  • ayni_21
  • HD portfolio 1000_Ayni_2
  • HD portfolio 1000_Ayni_4

Ayni: Brochure

Buy Local Campaign
  • buylocal_3
  • buylocal_1
  • buylocal_2

Buy Local: Logo and stickers

Coolinary Cafe
  • coolinary_1
  • coolinary_3
  • coolinary_2

Coolinary Cafe: Logo, business cards and branding.

DRS Technologies
  • drs_3
  • DRS_2
  • drs_1

DRS Technologies: Sales sheets

Gratitude Cookies
  • gratitude_2
  • gratitude_1

Gratitude Cookies: Package design

  • HEYDAYgoods5
  • HEYDAYgoods1
  • HEYDAYgoods3
  • HEYDAYgoods2
  • HEYDAYgoods4
  • HEYDAYgoods6

HEYDAY Promotion & Stationery

Habitat for Humanity
  • HabitatAnnual_1
  • HabitatAnnual_4
  • HabitatAnnual_2
  • HabitatAnnual_3

Habitat for Humanity P.B.C: Annual report.

Leftovers Restaurant
  • leftovers_11
  • leftovers_21
  • leftovers_31

Leftovers Restaurant: Logo and branding

  • NEFCO_2
  • NEFCO_1
  • NEFCO_3

NEFCO: Sales sheets for sewage treatment hardware.

Northwood Village
  • NWbro_2
  • NWbro_3
  • NWbro_1

Northwood Village: Brochure + Merchant map

HD portfolio 1000_PondBoss_3
Pond Boss Catalog
  • HD portfolio 1000_PondBoss_3
  • HD portfolio 1000_PondBoss_4
  • HD portfolio 1000_PondBoss_2
  • HD portfolio 1000_PondBoss_5
  • HD portfolio 1000_PondBoss_1

Pond Boss: Brochure

  • ROOT_4
  • ROOT_2
  • ROOT_3
  • ROOT_1

ROOT – Natural Cleaning Products: Logo, business cards and label design

HD portfolio 1000_Sol Lighting_1
Sol Transit Brochure
  • HD portfolio 1000_Sol Lighting_1
  • HD portfolio 1000_Sol Lighting_4
  • HD portfolio 1000_Sol Lighting_3
  • HD portfolio 1000_Sol Lighting_2

Sol Lighting – Security Lighting Brochure

Wedding Invitation
  • wedding3
  • wedding1
  • wedding2
  • wedding4

Wedding Invitation

  • ADR_2
  • ADR_1

Advanced Diagnostic Resources: Grand opening invitation, logo and business cards.

"...stand out among the competition, generate a stronger following, and ultimately, improve your bottom line."

The Team

Robert Evans
Robert Evans was born in Georgia, but has lived in Florida more of his life. Rob possesses a passion for turning the average concept into an extra-ordinary one, and is never short of an idea-or-two that can improve on the status-quo.

Robert Evans

Robert Evans
Andrew Bugsby hails from Michigan, and often points to his hand to illustrate that. Andy finds passion in bringing folks together and crafting remarkable experiences – that enhance his surroundings, and the community as a whole.

Andrew Bugsby


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HEYDAY wins BIG at the ADDY Awards!

March 24, 2015

The ADDY Awards are known for recognizing excellence in advertising and design, and we’ve been fortunate to receive enough over the years to cover a wall in our office. So, without further ado, we’re proud to announce that out of the four submissions we entered, we won all, plus a prestigious Judge’s Choice Award! Cheers to that!

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